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Our collection of signs includes spinner signs, storefront signs, traffic signs, banners, and much more. We have the expertise to customize our signs to serve a purpose and make an impact. With signs and printing services like ours, you will significantly increase your brand awareness.


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Custom, unique engraved pieces made entirely at our print shop. Our engraving process enables you to create customized gifts and memorabilia with personalized messages and creative design elements.

What types of engraving do you provide?

We use rotary engraving and laser engraving to create custom pieces on a variety of materials, such as metal, wood, stone, or glass.

What are your custom letters made of?

Our custom 3D letters are made of styrofoam or MDF depending on where we will install it.

Are spinner signs effective for a business?

Spinner signs are certainly eye-catching. Spin signs rely on motion to attract the attention of passers-by and pedestrians. The benefit of spin signs is that you can use them to appeal to local traffic so you get to choose who your audience is.

How can I protect my business sign from fading?

Our custom signs come with a topcoat that acts as a sealant and protects your sign from fading over time. Our signs can certainly handle harsh weather conditions.

What is the standard size for a business card?

The standard dimensions for a business card are 3.5 x 2 inches. The size could vary and we will gladly sit with you to discuss your business cards for approval.

Our Services


Outdoor Signs

Our outdoor signs can help your business claim recognition and visibility in the streetscape, on the roadside, or in the skyline. Promote your Toronto business with outdoor signs that grab attention.  


Spin Signs & A-Frames

Spin signs and A-frame signs (or sandwich boards) are effective at piquing the interest of local traffic. We have a selection of durable outdoor signs that will turn passers-by into clients.  


Parking & Traffic Signs

We offer custom traffic and parking signs that provide clear, concise directions to traffic in front of your store, inside your business parking lot, as well as outside your building.  


Pylon Sign

If your office is located in a plaza, pylon signs are great for making potential customers and clients find you from afar. Make a positive impression with our custom-made pylon signs. 


Hanging Sign

Indoor and outdoor hanging signs in a variety of designs: exhibit hanging signs for conferences and showrooms, wooden hanging signs for your shop, vintage hang signs for a more rustic feel, and much more.


3D Letters

We design and install custom 3D letters for your business, event, or occasion. We use a variety of materials in making our 3D letters including foam, wood, and metal. 


House Addresses

Our house address signs come in plaques, letters that we affix to your house’s exterior, and yard signs. We use durable metal or wood that can withstand Toronto’s harsh weather. 


Storefront Signs

We specialize in custom-made digital and LED signs for all your business needs. Storefront signs are a valuable form of advertising and we can help you make the most of them.  


Pull Up Banner

Retractable banners, roll-up banners, and pull-up banners are a fantastic asset for tradeshows and corporate events. With custom graphics and creative designs, we will help you increase your business’s visibility.  


Document Holder

Our print shop offers document holders for important office announcements and bulletin boards. Make your workplace a lot more organized and practical with our custom document holders.


Wall Window Decal

Enhance your business’s branding with one-way, frosted, or clear decals for walls and windows. Our decal graphics are made of quality vinyl so they stand the commotion in and outside your store.  



Our high-quality window awnings and outdoor canopies add a wonderful design element to your business. Either fixed or retractable, commercial awnings and canopies provide a professional look to your store.


Labels/Business Cards

An important part of your business collateral is labels and business cards. We custom-print commercial labels and business cards with a wide selection of finishes, colours, and designs.  



Having a customized business stamp makes your documents look more professional and official. They also help you with your branding. Our stamp solutions offer great benefits to your business’s growth. 



Custom engraved gifts for all occasions! We create personalized engravings for your loved ones, friends, colleagues, and guests—suitable for every event. Find engravings with impactful messages here at our Toronto print shop.  



Design your own awards and trophies! We have a big selection of customized recognition awards, trophies, and memorabilia, made of glass, metal, wood, acrylic, and resin for your convenience. 


Cars & Trucks Wraps

Our vehicle print services include car wraps, fleet branding, and bumper stickers, all aimed at helping you promote your business. Made of durable vinyl, your vehicle wrap will help you generate local traffic. 


Responsive Web Design

Custom web design that is fully responsive! We design sites so that they are compatible with every browser, device, and screen size. Our web pages adapt easily across all platforms for your audience’s convenience. 


Digital Printing

We offer digital printing services to customers in Toronto and the GTA. This includes posters, flyers, promotional banners, brochures, graphic t-shirts, and more. Achieve and exceed your business goals today! 



Signs and Engraving Centre is your one-stop print house. Affordable prices, quick turnaround, and amazing quality! With creative designs and advanced printing technologies, you’re sure to find what you need. 


About Our Print Shop

We offer a variety of print solutions for starting businesses and big brands alike. Offering everything from collateral, business cards, flyers, brochures, and signs–we will provide you with what you need to grow your brand and increase its visibility.


Business Printing Solutions

S&S Signs and Engraving Centre is your go-to print shop for digital and offset printing solutions for businesses. We specialize in 3D printing, promotional products, and marketing materials for fantastic prices.