As one of our many professional services, we offer laser engraving in Toronto. Using laser engraving, laser etching and rotary engraving, we can create custom:

business cards
  • Desk plaques
  • Name tags
  • Door plaques
  • Awards
  • Trophies
  • Gifts
  • Signs
  • Name badges
  • Event passes

Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll customize your engraving however you’d like. We can also assist you with engraving designs.

Laser & Rotary Engraving

Laser engraving is completed by using a high heat laser that causes the material surface to vaporize. Whereas laser etching is done by using lasers to engrave an object. The main difference between the two is that laser engraving cuts deeply into the material, whereas etching affects the upper layer of the material’s surface, making it not that deep.

channel letters

Using a professional-grade laser engraving machine, we work with plastic and steel engraving. Additionally, we offer rotary engraving services done with a rotating cutting tool in a motorized spindle for items of less than common shapes.

These three techniques are performed by a team with over 20 years’ experience to create the perfect product for you or your business.

digital printing

Why Choose Laser Engraving?

It is quick, precise, and creates deep marks. The clean cuts and lines make for a professional finish and a beautiful product. A fantastic option for engraved signs.


Why Choose Rotary Engraving?

The tool cuts into the surface of the material to a specific depth and produces a groove of the same shape and dimension of the tool aka the cutter. This provides for a very personalized and custom product. This technique is professionally done and ideal for use on custom glasses and signs.

Gift Engraving

large banner printing

Personalized gifts are all the rage right now and we guarantee our services to bring a smile to the face of anyone who receives engraved gifts created by us. We custom make a variety of gifts for occasions like:

  • Birthdays
  • Father’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Housewarming gifts
  • Retirement
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Teacher’s gifts
  • Christmas
  • Graduation
  • Baby shower

The perfect gift for the winner in your life too. We engrave trophies for all awards, sports and triumphs.

Why Choose Gift Engraving?

Create the ultimate personalized gift for a loved one, friend, significant other, teacher or boss. Discover the options we have for these unique gifts with our selection of templates and designs. If it’s the thought that counts then this one will count the most.

Become the hero of the office with vital supplies like new name tags, plaques or signs for everyone. Perhaps you’ll win the gift of the year for a special occasion with a personalized gift.

S&S Signs And Engraving Centre’s machines can engrave steel and stainless steel or plastic materials for your items. We will custom make your order to perfection and guarantee customer satisfaction with every service offered. Choose from a selection of templates, designs and colours to create exactly the item you want.

For more information on laser engraving, laser etching, rotary engraving or engraved gifts please visit our contact page, email us, or give us a call at (416) 855-9070 speak with a representative today.


Laser or Rotary Engraving, we will do it and show you what you want. Our machine can deep engrave Steel or Stainless steel or Plastic, it can cut or engrave.

We can create Either it is a Treasure or Heart Felt Gift to Mom, we can create many more. Much more to Industial applicatons, we can create Name Tags, Name Badge or Trophies.

New Discoveries Every day!


Trophies and Medal are Personalized to meet individual outstanding ability recognized by Corporate, Sports or Personal Environment. We make it special by Perfect Engraving.